Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The best medicine

I know my last post promised more to come. I promise, it is still coming. Last week my granddaughter was sick and in the hospital. She is home now and recovering, but I have been fighting a cold I caught from my youngest grandson that stayed with me. J was my sanity last week. He gave me strength and focus to deal with the worry and navigate through the medical system.

I have been exhausted. Work has been crazy, though I am not sure it is ever sane or normal. Today was particularly tough from a work standpoint, plus I was feeling lousy. Tonight, J was able to be here for a short visit. Long enough though to make my whole world better. Seeing him, touching him, serving him, being his and also sharing a wonderful meal together made me relaxed, happy and miraculously well. He is a dose of the best medicine for me.