Saturday, April 5, 2008

It doesn't matter which way you go...

'Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?'
'That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.'
'I don't know where...'
'Then it doesn't matter which way you go,' said the cat.
Lewis Carroll ~ Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

I've told you that I don't buy into the Master/slave dynamic. There are many reasons why that bothers me. Ultimately, you have the final decision regarding the degree of control I have over you and the ultimate frontier that you cannot transcend. That said, I have an assignment for you. John Adams assigned Thomas Jefferson to draft the Declaration of Independence. I would like for you to draft a Declaration of Submission. What I want from you is a statement of your submission/surrender/assignment of/to me. I would like to understand your reasons for, and thoughts about your submission and surrender to me. A statement born from consideration and commitment.

Out of that assignment, a new document was born. Completing the task required me to consider, where I want to go from here. What depth of commitment I am willing to accept and why I feel that way. This is the result:

The Declaration and Affirmation of My Submission

As a submissive woman, I have reached the point in my journey where, I not only desire, but find it necessary to completely and wholly surrender to you. You have not only identified this facet of my personality, but have helped me recognize it and develop it as well. In order to more fully state and explore the reasons which compel me to relinquish my will and avail myself to you, I set forth and acknowledge the grounds and motivation for my capitulation and subordination.

I am a strong and independent woman. I have a set of established beliefs and goals. I know what I want out of life and what I want to accomplish. I also acknowledge that a major part of what I want is to explore and satisfy my submissive tendencies. I need to actualize this component of myself and attain the highest level of submission that I can achieve, that of surrender. I accept my submissiveness to be part of my sexuality and an essential feature of my spirit and psyche. Furthermore, my accedence has resulted from the dominant role that you have already established in my life. Our roles and relationship dynamic have been based on mutual understanding, respect, and trust. My submission has been freely given out of my strength and my sense of personal power. The completeness of my surrender does not compromise, but indeed, strengthens my beliefs, values, and individuality. Your control, the dominance that you exert over me, is derived from my consent. The foundation of your governance lies in your ability to effect my safety and happiness and secure my trust. The proof of these statements is inherent in the following presentation of facts.

We have both stated needs and desires, which are inverse, but dependent on one another.

We share a strong natural connection, which has facilitated our understanding and trust.

You have elevated the pursuit of knowing me to a vocation.

Your knowledge of me and the trust you have established, has enabled me to open and offer my mind, spirit, and body to you.

You have accepted and demonstrated responsibility for my safety, as well as, my personal growth and development.

I have found fulfillment, pleasure, and contentment in my submission to you.

You have freed me from constraints, imposed by both society and my past.

Our relationship encompasses much more than sexual pleasure and a D/s dynamic, it is complex and multi-faceted.

My submission and surrender to you has been a source of pride, healing and favor for me.

You have opened my mind and expanded my limits, enabling me to grow as a submissive and as a human being.

I am able to feel connected to your presence and essence, even when miles exist between us.

Only in you, have I found someone with the ability to accept, utilize and cherish my submission.

I desire to be all things with you, your friend, your equal, your companion, as well as you pet, your slut, and your toy.

The dichotomy that is our relationship, allows me to be all things to you.

You have always maintained self-control, in order to better exert control over me.

You have offered me wisdom and guidance, so that I have gained both self-knowledge and knowledge of how to better submit to you.

You have always treated me with respect and chivalry.

You are skilled in many things:
You can stimulate my mind with conversation
You can take me to my threshold with pain
You can use that pain to bring me pleasure
You can bring my mind into complete submission, with a look or a phrase
You can wrack my body in orgasm with your touch, tongue, or cock
You can coax a climax out of me with your voice
You can take me to my limits and then take me past them
You can make me feel like the greatest treasure or the lowliest servant and show me how I equally desire both

You have allowed and cherished my individuality and my strength, which has elevated the value of my submission.

You have granted me both healing and courage.

My submission arises out of a desire to please you, never from fear.

You are secure and confident enough to maintain a sense of humor, acknowledge inexperience, and continue learning in order to challenge us both.

You have granted me the freedom to walk away and the acceptance to return to you.

I discovered the depth of my affection for you and the degree to which my submission was prescribed to you and distinctly yours.

Thereby, I will state my intentions, that my submission and surrender be assigned solely to you. Based on our mutual needs and the facts as stated above, I appeal to you to accept me and what I can offer you. I freely commit myself to being your submissive, your pet, while also retaining my individuality and separate identity. I will not put our relationship ahead of my family or my other responsibilities; I will always be aware and respectful of your other commitments and responsibilities as well. I will totally engage myself and fully surrender to you during those times when we can be together. I will strive to be available to you as often as our schedules permit. I will be open and honest with you at all times about any conflicts or difficulties that arise, but also about my needs, fantasies and desires. I will continue under these expectations and intentions, until such a time, if it should ever occur, when, through mutual discussion and agreement, it is decided that other considerations make it prudent or necessary to change the dynamic or part ways. Up until that should occur, I am your surrendered pet.


Vestri said...

Alice, that is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read. I can only wish to someday find a Master who inspires the same emotions and commitments in me.

Alice said...

Thank you so much, He truly does inspire me. I am sure there is someone out there who will do the same for you.

OliviaManners said...

Hello alice

I have only just read this - and like Vestri said, I too think it is one of the most compelling and beautiful pieces of writing that I have ever had the privilege to read.

It gives me hope, thank you.



Alice said...

Thank you Olivia. I am very blessed to be accepted and cared for by Him. In the months that have past since I wrote this, my dedication and our commitment have continued to grow and evolve. He has shaped me and changed me for the better. I am continually grateful to Him and thankful for Him.


Angel, Jess, kitten said...

This is so beautiful. ::smiles in admiration::

With Love,
Lucifer's kitten