Sunday, January 23, 2011

For you

I lie in bed and think of you.  My hands begin to move down my body and I feel your presence all around me.  Your essence surrounds me and penetrates me and I float in its comfort and safety.  I sense you watching me as my hand slides down my belly to my wet flesh.  My fingers part the lips and I smell my scent in the air.  I begin to rub little circles around my clit.  As my legs open wider and my back starts to arch, I long for your touch.  I imagine your kiss that possesses me and makes my soul succumb to you.  My nipples harden and ache to feel your fingertips clamp on them and flatten them until I wince.  My fingers rub and dip and press. My mouth opens as a moan escapes.  My cunt twitches and my whole body quivers.  I think of your teeth closing on tender flesh at my neck.  I feel your cock pressed against me, hard and glistening.  My hips are rocking in response to you.  It is urgent now, I rub faster and harder as I think of my mouth sliding over your cock.  I hunger to lick your ass and your balls and feel your cock against the back of my throat.  I think of your hand at my throat and my hips thrust up, searching for you.  I feel your gaze bore through me and hear your voice urging me to let go and cum for you.  My head tilts back, my face is contorted, low guttural moans emanate from deep inside me and escape out my mouth.  My legs draw up and my toes are curled. My back stiffens and arches so much it hurts.  My entire body shudders as my climax rolls through me in waves.  I lay spent and shaking, longing for you.  Wanting to feel you pull me close and hold me tight and though you aren't there, I rest in the nearness of you.

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