Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Today is my Birthday


Never have I welcomed and embraced my birthday as I do now.  You make me happy, you make me loved, you make me smile. Happy birthday to me, because I was made for you. You are the end of my story, because from here on out, you are part of my story. I love you.

‎"Your story is your soul. The longer you're with someone, the more you trust them, the more you're willing to tell. I believe when you find your real partner, you tell them everything until there's nothing left. Then you start from the beginning, only this time it's their story as well as yours." ~ Jonathan Carroll


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you, Alice. Thank you for using my quote.

Jonathan Carroll (for real)

Alice said...

Thank you for your birthday wishes and wow, just wow!

swan said...

Alice -- I know I am late, but please accept my belated wishes for many, many more happy years. I am so glad for your joy and sense of peace.

All the best,

Louise said...

My very best wishes for many, many years to come.


Alice said...

Swan and Louise, Thank you both for your good wishes. I know I am not here much anymore, but when I am I look for the two of you. I feel a kindred spirit with both of you. Hope you are well.