Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Against all odds

This has been a particularly difficult few months for both J and I. Nothing serious really, but lots of minor irritations. I lived each day in anticipation of my next conversation with him. Hearing from him, even just a quick "touching base" call, strengthens, affirms and renews me. I am crazy, mad, in love with this man.

It astounds me how much we can pack into a short conversation. A recap of our days, political commentary, venting about work, friends, family and professing our love and desire for each other. During one of his calls, he told me how happy he was to have me in his life. He said he is always amazed that we found each other, considering the odds of that happening were incredibly slim. I knew what he meant, we lived in different cities, had different career paths, I was incredibly gun-shy of men, there were circumstances that could be viewed as obstacles for either of us becoming involved in a relationship, we were both extremely busy in our own lives and our only chance of meeting was online. Yet, I argued the point with him, because in my mind, the odds were all in our favor. Being the testosterone driven, left brained person he is, he said the odds were almost incalculable and then gave me the task of figuring it up. So this post is my response to that task.

I believe that J is my soul mate, my bashert. I view our relationship as metaphysical. I believe it originated before we were born and it will continue after our deaths. There is a synchronicity to our lives, the weaving of threads that prepared us and connected us to each other. Our destiny was there, in place, our whole lives. We were destined to meet, the plan, the circumstances were all set in place by powers greater than us. The entire Universe was conspired to bring us together. There was no chance that we would go through life without our paths crossing. Therefore, the odds were all in our favor that we would end up together. Until I actually met J, I rejected this whole concept. I eschewed the idea of soul mates and destiny. The experience made me a believer. There was an instant connection, a spark between us. He knew me, he understood me, it was inexplicable. It scared me and fascinated me at the same time. With anyone else, I would have pushed them away, retreated behind my walls and facade. Yet, I was drawn to J and completely trusted him from the beginning. He is my perfect man, my fantasy, my hero. He perseveres in the face of frustration and adversity. He honors his promises and responsibilities. He loves me, cares for me, worries about me and is strong for me. He is compassionate, passionate, intelligent and diligent. He knows what is good for me, better than I. He listens and empathises, while keeping me in check and giving me perspective. He understands my needs and desires, he sees into my thoughts, he encourages me to examine myself and explore the depths of my mind that I try to ignore.

There is no explanation for our story, our love and our relationship, other than it had to be. We were brought together by the gods, the universe, the powers that be. He was always my future, the paths that I took may have determined how and when we would meet, but nothing could have detered me from ultimately being his.


oatmeal girl said...

There is something in that word - bashert - that is stronger than any attempt at translation can possibly convey.


swan said...

When lives run, as interwoven threads through the tapestry of time, there is that sense of inevitability to the meetings. I am glad for you both...