Thursday, December 15, 2011

I am his pet, always

In the four and a half years that J and I have shared what we do, the relationship has grown and evolved. Initially, it was my exploration into D/s and my first relationship in a long time. He reawakened passion and desire in me. He afforded me healing and a safe realization and acceptance of a part of me I had denied and suppressed. It was more than that, we shared interests and passion for many things, both sexual and non-sexual. We shared a mutual respect for our professional lives and a mutual admiration for who we both were. We had an instant connection and understanding of each other. I felt I had known him my whole life. I was consumed by him, consumed by lust, comsumed by my wish to submit, consumed by my need to please him and serve him. I wanted to be his in every way. I read endlessly on the internet, trying to define submission and learn to be the best submissive I could. He was patient and diligent. He explored me, my desires, my fears. He planted seeds of fantasies and outlined scenarios. He encouraged me, he took me farther than I ever imagined I could go. He uncovered and discovered me, he knew me.

My appetite, attraction and longing for him have never cooled or abated. Yet our relationship has become more integrated, more complete, more consummate. Although, distance separates us and time limits us, we are closer and more devoted to each other than most couples in a 24/7 relationship. He is such an integral part of my life. When we are together, it seems time stands still. When we are apart, we talk, write and share. I feel his presence and his support always. I used to wonder if the newness, the excitement would wear off and we would become more mundane, more of a "old married couple". While things may not be as urgent as they once were, they are still as fervent as ever. At times, life may encroach on our play, conversations and relationship, but it only strengthens us. The depth of our love and our commitment has grown and continues to do so. We have become more transparent, more comfortable, more familiar. I am no longer inclined to define us and my submission through other's experiences or expectations. I am comfrotable with what we have defined for ourselves. Yet the dynamic still exists and I am his. I am his pet, he is in charge. I recognize his authority and it comforts me and fulfills me.

Last night, while we were talking, he was quite playful and teasing. We both are anticipating time together next week. We both miss each other and want each other greatly. He mentioned a "no touching" policy. In the past, there were times he imposed a "no touching" policy on me before his visits. I was not to touch myself or cum until he was here. He teased me with the idea for awhile and then ultimately told me to "have fun", because I may not have that chance later. His last words were, "...and write about it". So I am.

We are not together often enough, so I do masturbate frequently. Much to my dismay, this self-pleasuring is not always as pleasurable as it used to be. It lacks his presence and direction. I must focus on him and recall his touches, his voice and his nearness to cum. My solitary orgasms are seldom as explosive or prolonged as my clomaxes that are initiated by him. Last night, I climbed into bed and began to think of him. I imagined him next to me, pressed against me, touching me. I imagined his cock in my mouth. I imagined his hands on me. I imagined his voice telling me waht to do and what he was going to do. My hands were his hands. touching, rubbing, pinching and prodding. I felt him watching me, exploring me, controlling me. The heat blossomed between my legs, wetness leaked from me. I could smell the earthy scent of lust and sex. My hips rocked and reached up for him. I felt his breath in my ear and his body pressed against mine. I felt my climax swelling inside of my belly. I felt my cunt begin to twitch. I pushed my vibrator against my clit and heard his voice tell me to "cum now". My back arched and my hips thrust and my orgasm exploded inside of me. I felt him holding me tightly, as his fingers rubbed and teased my clit. My body was tight, like a bow string and my cunt pulsated and contracted, as if searching for him, needing to be filled. I heard my ragged breathing and low, gutteral, animal type noises coming from my mouth. Waves of electricity coursed through my body, I felt it rise up my spine and escape through the top of my head. I was left limp and quivering and spent, but still wanting and needing him. I need him to quench me, push me, devour me, fill me. My body is his instrument to use and to play and to compel.

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