Saturday, September 27, 2008

You consume me

It has been a little over a year that we have been playing together. Yet that is such a poor way to phrase it, as what we do is so much more than play. I am not sure what my expectations were a year ago, I knew I had found someone that gave me an outlet to explore my submission. I knew I trusted Him and felt safe with Him. I did not know that I would become devoted to Him, nor did I expect to be so spiritually fulfilled by our relationship. He has allowed me to connect so deeply with Him and so deeply within myself. I am more whole and complete than I have ever been.

My trust and submission grow more everyday. Even when we are apart, I can feel His presence inside of me. I have given myself to Him, He has the control, but with that He has offered me healing and protection. Each time He takes me just a bit farther and each time I face an internal struggle. The result of each struggle has been surrendering more to Him each time. I have no regrets, He has given me nothing but joy and satisfaction. I have never been so content or fulfilled. I strive to give everything to Him and by doing so I find I have more and more to give. I also find that the more I surrender, the more control I give to Him, the freer I become.

I anticipate the next year together, knowing that I will give Him more than I have this past year, knowing that He will take me farther than this past year. As I become more open, willing and transparent to Him, I sometimes wonder where our evolution and growth will lead us.

I am His, I have offered myself to Him. He has accepted me, He has taken me. I am consumed by His essence.


Paul said...

Alice, I'm impressed, your dedication, must make him proud.
The song sats it all.
Warm hugs,

Alice said...

Thank you, but I feel that I am the lucky one. I realize that I could not submit in this way to just anyone, He is exceptional.