Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Tomorrow I leave on vacation. I am going to visit my sister and mother. I am excited about going, but not like I should be. The trip means I will be farther from J. I would not see Him this next week anyway, but I also will not be able to talk with Him as much.

I know that distance is relative. When we are already apart, does it matter whether that distance is 100 miles or 1000 miles? To me it does. What matters is availability. I try to be available to Him all of the time. I am available to Him everyday, whether by phone or online. I am also available should He decide to come visit. This next week, I will not be as available. That bothers me (not enough to stay home, but He would not want that anyway).

The last time I made this trip was almost two years ago. J and I had not yet met in person, though we were talking quite a bit. I cannot believe the progression of our relationship over the past two years. I originally thought it would be a casual, play only, probably short term D/s relationship. It is now anything but casual, wholly committed, all encompassing, long term (for as long as He wants me) relationship. We do have a D/s relationship, but we have more than that. It seems that each day our feelings and commitment deepen. I love Him, I am devoted to Him, I belong to Him. He has dominated me, healed me, loved me and accepted me. He honors me. Thank you J for everything you have given to me.

Oh, BTW...this also means I will not be posting over the next week or so. Think of me, as I will be wet, tan and warm (not THAT kind of wet, you all have dirty minds!).


Paul said...

Alice, enjoy the break, perhaps you can snatch the odd call to J, this will make it all the sweeter.
Love and warm hugs,

Louise said...

Do have a good time anyway Alice! And I'm sure you will be 'available' all the time, maybe not by phone or online, but definitely in your heart and mind.