Saturday, December 20, 2008


Although it has been a long time for us, I had come to expect to have to wait even longer. Often, previous responsibilities, time constraints, and circumstances take precedence over our desires. I certainly would like to be with Him more, but these periods of separation are the nature of the beast. My love, my yearnings and my submission are all exclusively His. Waiting patiently for Him, in between our scheduled liaisons, is what I do. Each encounter rewards me and confirms that He is worth the wait. Now, my hopefulness abounds with the possibility that we will be together in the next couple of weeks.

I have been wanting and asking for intensity, severity and pain. I want my limits pushed, my submission tested. I need to be consumed and overwhelmed by Him. I have no doubt that He will happily and eagerly fulfill my desires. I am awaiting it with breathless anticipation and a bit of anxiety. I am not afraid, I have no fear with Him. I am safe with Him, my trust is complete, as is my submission to Him. Only with Him, can I let myself go and give into my desires. He accepts me, both as an individual and as His possession. I am hopeful that I will begin the New Year, surrendered, marked and owned by Him.

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Greenwoman said...

((hugs)) Happy Holidays. Blessings on your and yours. *smiles*