Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter and Glorious Spring

Here are some Easter bunnies for all of you. Whether you celebrate Easter , something else or nothing at all, I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful Spring day.

It has been a while since I last posted. In that time, I have taken a step back to recover from my medication issues and a case of the winter blues. I am feeling better, I have been soaking up the sunshine (at least when it peeks through the clouds) and have been recovering my strength and energy.

I've missed my interaction here and I appreciate all of your comments to me both here and privately. A recent visit from J has done me more good than months of sunshine. He always brightens my day (and often my behind). In just a few short weeks, we will have an entire week together. I am living in anticipation of that event. My daily thoughts of Him have become my meditation. My focus on my submission to Him has become my mantra. He touches and fulfills every aspect of my being, physically, mentally and spiritually. His presence is an amazing element of my life, both when we are together and when we are apart.

I have recently been blessed in many ways. I find that I am able to live in the expectation that, ultimately, things will work for the best and abundance will always have more of a place in my life than want. Enjoy the day! In the spirit of kink, here is a little peep show for you. Be well and be happy.


Gillette said...

Loved the peep show..and so happy for you and J being able to spend so much time together.

Many blessings your way...

Tapestry said...

Too cute - thanks for the peep show!

It was also good to read your words about knowing you will ultimately have abundance and not want in your life. I've known that for myself for awhile now, yet it seems so different from the point of view held by many others. I appreciate knowing that I'm not alone!


M:e said...

Reaching that point of recognising abundance outweighs want is such a freeing place isn't it? I don't say we will never have moments of want, but I find at those times it helps to focus on the big picture, to see what is there overall. Suddenly, what I want in that moment, doesn't always seem so important.

love and hugs xxx