Sunday, May 10, 2009


This breaks my heart too.

I wrote a post on this on my other blog. I was going to just add a link, but I think it is important enough to justify a double post. For more information on the issues, check out Courage Campaign.

I will never understand how and why the Religious Right (who on one hand preaches love and forgiveness) feels they are justified in dictating and legislating morality and lifestyle. The tenets of Christianity are love, acceptance and forgiveness. Where are the love and acceptance here?

Love and commitment in relationships can take many forms. They are not limited by gender, race, religion, lifestyle or even a number. To deny people in loving, committed, consensual relationships the right to legalize their unions by marriage is shameful. Worse yet is to nullify already existing marriages, because they don't fit into one's idea of acceptability. People in these unacceptable relationships (whether LGBT or Poly) have already shown a greater level of commitment, courage, and problem solving than most mainstream couples. They epitomize the definition of what marriage should be. Perhaps Ken Starr and his followers should be more concerned with their own unions and the high rate of divorce among them. The prejudice and persecution of those in alternate lifestyles violates the freedoms that our country was founded on. It perpetuates falsehoods and stereotypes that breeds hatred and exclusion.

I know that this is an issue that has been going on for awhile. You may feel it is old news. Yet it continues. The battle is being played out in different states across the nation, for every step forward, there are two steps back. This is a battle that will be won, the only question is when. Whether this is being fought in your state or whether it directly effects your lifestyle, it effects us all. When the law can dictate who we love, live with, have sex with it is archaic and wrong. When people who love each other cannot care for each other, own property, provide benefits, make medical decisions, raise families it is immoral in every sense of the word. If you want to legislate morality, then let love win.


Paul said...

Alice, hear, hear, absolutely.
Love and warm hugs,

Gillette said...

What makes me very happy is that it is, slowly, winning. There are now 5 states with legalized marriage for same sex couples. In another 20 years it will be so common we'll look back it ourselves in wonder, just like we do now with interracial couples.

Trust. It's happening. Will just take some time because of fears.