Sunday, May 31, 2009

Uh...comments please

It has been awhile since my last post. This one has been languishing, half finished, in my drafts for sometime. What can I say? I have been busy, it's Summertime and the livin is easy. I would rather be on my deck in the sun, than inside at the computer.

Sometimes when J and I are chatting on IM, He asks me to turn on my webcam. Sometimes it is because He misses me and want to see me, usually, it is because He wants to see a bit more of me. I like being able to do that for Him, though it does make me self conscious at times, especially since I can only read His words and not see feedback from Him. Of course, it also makes me nervous because my computer is located next to a window, with a sheer curtain and street view, and I often do not know when my son will return home.

The other night, while we were chatting, J asked me to turn on my camera and take off my top. I did, but also explained that I was expecting my son home shortly. (Of course, always teasing, He wrote, Not my problem, pet. Probably his more than yours, to boot.) I was correct and as I saw my son pull into the driveway, I hastily pulled my top back on. Our conversation at that point took a turn (as it often does) and we began discussing politics, family and religion. (I realize, that for many people, those are dangerous topics, but we really can, and do, discuss everything.) As the hour got late and our conversation came to a close, he referred to my son. I told Him that he had left, shortly after he had arrived. This exchange is what followed:

J: And your top has been on?
A: I guess I need a spanking

A: a hard one
J: Tell you what..... You can write about it on your Rabbit Hole blog... Explaining why you didn't share with me after he left.
J: Have a nice evening!
A: seriously?
J: Sure... Why not? I'd enjoy it, and I suspect your followers would, too.
J: What do you think?
J: Really.. What do you think?

A: It wasn't an intentional act

J: I know.

A: okay, I'll write tomorrow

J: I'm looking forward to the comments.
J: Not as much as the post, but nonetheless...
A: I'm not sure I am looking forward to the comments or the post.
J: Oh, pish!

J: It'll be fun for all.

J: Okay... Almost all.
A: especially you
J: G'night, pet.

So there you have it. I'm not sure what kind of comments He expects. Punishment is not really part of what we share (I was kidding...and hoping...about the hard spanking). And though the oversight of keeping my top on was just that, an oversight, I told Him I would write tomorrow, but it has now been closer to a week. I may be fairly self-disciplined as a sub, but I am a terribly undisciplined blogger.

Oh, and as for my explanation; I was aware when my son left. Though the conversation had moved on to more vanilla topics, I knew I could have mentioned it to Him and removed my top again. I am much more at fault for taking so long to comply with His wishes. For that, there isn't really any excuse that will suffice, other than, sometimes, life gets in the way. I know, that's right up there with my dog ate my homework. (Which has actually happened to me before and even then, that paper wasn't late.) So, here is my admission, I guess I sometimes take advantage of His kindness and understanding and am not as disciplined as I could be. Don't get me wrong, I know the difference of when it will matter (things that are truly important to Him) and when it will not. Oh dear, that makes me sound, either extremely bratty, manipulative or like I take advantage of Him all the time. I really do not.

So there you have it, hold me accountable. I do ask that you recognize the playfulness of His intent in requesting this. I also ask that you take into consideration that today is my birthday. Hey, if I'm going to take advantage here, I might as well go all out!


Paul said...

Alice, happy birthday, have a good one.
It seems to me that you acted with-in the limits of your relationship.
Love and warm hugs,

M:e said...

I think we sometimes all take advantage of their kindness and understanding. I know I still 'overthink' too occasionally so, in a situation like yours, I'd have been thinking 'ok, now if I tell him I'm on my own again, does that look like I'm inviting or initiating something?' I still have to remind myself that all I'm asked to do is provide the information, and what M does with it is up to him.

Happy birthday gorgeous.....hope you have a fantastic day.

love and hugs xxx

Sally-Sal said...

Happy Birthday! :o)

Gillette said...

Things happen...and yes, there is often a reason we "forget" or "space." Good luck figuring that one out ;)


Alice said...

Thanks to all of you for your comments and your birthday wishes. I am really not worrying about my oversight, nor His reaction to it. I love His teasing and His playfulness. It does wonders in keeping me from taking myself too seriously.

I am looking forward to a wonderfully harsh spanking the next time we are together, but I certainly don't have to be bratty in order to receive it. He has already promised me a birthday spanking (with interest, since it will be late).

Louise said...

Sorry this is late; the best wishes for a new and wonderful year... it will be, dont't you think so, reading how things go with J and you?! Love.