Friday, May 1, 2009

Tales of my travels, in which I am very much His slut, His lady and His pet

I'm back and I'm calm, smiling and satisfied, and more than a little sad it's over. The anxiety, worrying and exhaustion I had been experiencing completely disappeared as soon as we were together. J is a wonderful influence on me, He calms me, knows me and cares for me. I absolutely love every second that I get to spend with Him.

This was a business trip for J. I was excited and privileged to be included in it. The nature of the trip allowed me to help Him and to spend almost the entire time with Him. J works extremely hard and I was pleased to be able to assist Him this week. I often wish I could be more of a support to J, He is always so supportive of me, I love when I can serve Him and aid Him in many ways. The more time I spend with Him, and the more that I learn of Him, serves to validate the love and devotion that I feel for Him. It also increases my desire for Him. After this time together, I thought my need and longing for Him would be sated for awhile, however, I found that it increased more each day that passed. J is the sexiest man I have ever met. I feel like quite a little slut for Him, although I would never behave inappropriately or jeopardize His reputation, I had unbearable cravings to reach out and touch Him all of the time.

This trip together defined and cemented our dynamic. He is quite dominant with me, but He also likes to step back to see what steps I will take to put myself out there and please Him (without a directive). It would be much easier for me to follow a direct order, than to act on things that I know I do not have to do. It is my desire to please Him that makes me put myself out there and test myself by doing things I know He will like. On the day that I did not accompany Him for business, I stayed back in our room. I spent the day relaxing, reading, and walking. I also wandered around and explored the hotel. It was an older hotel, but beautiful and charming. As I wandered around, I found many alcoves and balconies, as well as lots of stairways and sitting areas. We have discussed public sex many times, not blatant, obvious groping, but more discreet (though not without risk) encounters. With that in mind, I chose a closed stairwell (near the elevator and probably not used much) that was fairly near our room. I also went back to the room and put our bed restraint system on the bed. As He had left that morning, He had jokingly said, "I expect you to be tied up and waiting for me when I return." I then showered, shaved and placed cuffs on myself. I almost succeeded with strapping myself down, but couldn't quite get the last cuff snapped into place when He came in the door. Though seeing me naked and three quarters strapped to the bed, made Him smile. (He was very happy to help me secure that last cuff.)

Rather than give a play by play (no pun intended) of our evening, I will just relate some things that define our relationship. We are playful, we laugh and have fun. We stimulate each other sexually and mentally. While I was restrained, we played, not really BDSM play, but more slap and tickle play. Then He unstrapped me, we touched, we conversed and as we lay side by side on the bed (me being naked with wrist and ankle cuffs on), we had a stimulating and serious discussion of the Nixon administration (of all things). Then He got up, slapped my ass and said, "Get up, get dressed and let's go to dinner." While many of you may think that is a strange interaction for a Dominant/submissive couple, that is exactly what makes J perfect for me.

Lest you think that I have forgotten the stairwell, I have not. We dressed for dinner, drove to a lovely, out of the way, Italian restaurant and had drinks and dinner. I did get a bit tipsy, not intentionally, I only had two (though very strong) drinks. The food was excellent, the waitstaff was attentive, He told me about His day and I told Him about mine (including the stairwell). When we got back to the hotel, I led Him past the room, down the hall and up the stairs, where I proceeded to unzip His pants and suck His cock. We stayed in the stairwell until we heard voices and a door (no, they never entered the stairwell) and then we ran down the steps and back to the room like a couple of teenagers.

If you think that this may sound atypical of many D/s relationships, be assured that the rest of the evening was spent in some heavy play time. I was stripped, spanked, caned, paddled and made to cum over and over again. I have lovely cane marks and a sore bottom to remember it by. Our relationship is comprised of many facets, we are much more than Dominant and submissive. He enriches my life in every way. We share a synergy, which strengthens me and makes me a better person. Our dynamic goes way beyond anything I ever expected and beyond what I ever dreamed of.


Paul said...

Alice, this is very good to read.
Of course no two couples are alike,
because we share the D/s label doesn't mean that each couple isn't unique.
Love and warm hugs,

M:e said...

I agree with Paul sweety. This is wonderful to read. We are defined by who we are not simply what we do, and the breadth of who you are together is powerful.

love and hugs xxx

oatmeal girl said...

Yes, I completely cracked up at your discussion of the Nixon administration. But first, I was struck by the familiarity of this:

"He is quite dominant with me, but He also likes to step back to see what steps I will take to put myself out there and please Him (without a directive)."

One of the tasks I was advised of early on was to ANTICIPATE the sadist's needs. It's an excellent way to show that our attention is totally turned towards the one we worship and serve.

Congratulations on a lovely time together. I admit to being jealous. [sigh...]

Gillette said...

Oh, sounds like you had a lovely trip and cemented even more solidly a wonderful relationship.

Happy for you both.

Alice said...

So good to hear from you, I hope your doing well. For all the similarities of what we all do, you are correct, we are all wonderfully unique. I am also uniquely His, I could not imagine doing this with anyone else.

What I have with J is truly powerful. Our relationship definitely defines me.

I have always tried to anticipate His needs, though I struggle with it at times. I think I am getting better, it is my desire to please Him completely.

As far as the discussion, it gave us a chuckle too. Though a good intellectual discussion can make me as wet and stimulated as a hard spanking. LOL.

Each time we are together (and even those times in between), I feel we draw closer and and more solid. Every little thing that I learn and notice about Him, just makes me desire and love Him that much more. I do cherish every second that I spend with Him.

selkie said...

As every single dynamic is uniquely different, then I see nothing "atypical" - what I see is a wonderful, warm, REAL relationship. Sounds like a wonderful trip- a great opportunity to explore each other further, push some limits and reaffirm your dynamic!

Alice said...

Thank you Selkie. It was an absolutely wonderful trip. It did both of us a world of good.