Thursday, May 7, 2009

Red faced

I just read this post by aag. She is always good to make me smile. Her embarrassment reminded me of an incident of my own from our recent trip together.

As I posted before, the trip was business for J. He had a display set up at a convention center. On our last day there, we had to break down the display and load it in the van. It was threatening to rain and we had been hurrying to get it loaded. However, I had also been fighting a very strong and present urge to either touch Him there in front of everyone, or drag Him off to...well just about anywhere we could have done it. I was a good girl and I behaved myself, but walking out to the van, as soon as we had cleared the crowd, I said (rather loudly), "You really don't know how badly I want to suck your cock."

He turned around (He was about five feet in front of me), smiled and replied, "I'm glad to hear that and so is the guy that's about three feet behind you." I thought He was just teasing me, but as I shot a look over my shoulder, sure enough, we were not alone. I don't know if I was overheard or not, I was too embarrassed to make eye contact.

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M:e said...

Grinning here....very very broadly!!

love and hugs xxx