Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Love our lurchers, er...Lurkers

Today is the annual Love Our Lurkers Day, hosted by Bonnie over at My Bottom Smarts. Since I haven't been posting a whole lot lately, I don't know how many readers, much less lurkers I even have left. However, if you're out there...PLEASE stroke my ego, smack my bottom, leave a comment. Then, head over to Bonnie's blog and check out all the other spanking bloggers participating today. As Gomez said to Fester, "You'll meet someone. Someone very special. Someone who won't press charges."

I am actually out of town at the moment. I will be back Friday and will respond to all of the comments then. In the mean time, welcome to the blog!


M:e said...

Not really a 'lurker', though a more sporadic poster and commenter than I once was. I do still regularly read though sweety.... and am very grateful to my reader for ensuring I don't miss when you post.

love and hugs xxx

Hermione said...


I'm a regular visitor to your blog, and enjoy your posts.
LOL day is so much fun! I like the title, but I thought of the other kind of lurcher - a breed of dog.


A.S.S. said...

Happy LOL Day! And speaking of lol... that is a great pic!

~Todd & Suzy

Greenwoman said...

Big hugs...Just thinking of you...Blessings and happy LoL day.

Bonnie said...

Hi Alice,

You rang? I love it!

Thanks for being a part of LOL Day.