Monday, October 26, 2009


Every time I look at you the world just melts away.
All my troubles, all my fears dissolve in your affections.
You've seen me at my weakest, but you take me as I am.
And when I fall you offer me a softer place to land.

You stay the course, you hold the line, you keep it all together
You're the one true thing I know I can believe in
You're all the things that I desire, you save me, you complete me
You're the one true thing I know I can believe

I get mad so easy, but you give me room to breathe.
No matter what I say or do 'cause you're too good to fight about it.
Even when I have to push, just to see how far you'll go.
You wont stoop down to battle, but you never turn to go.


Your love is just the antidote when nothing else will cure me.
There are times I can't decide, when I can't tell up from down.
You make me feel less crazy, when otherwise I'd drown.
But you pick me up and brush me off and tell me I'm OK.
Sometimes that's just what we need to get us through the day.



Paul said...

Alice, thanks, that has made my morning, I like Sarah. :D
Love and warm hugs,

Alice said...

Thank you Paul, I like her too. Her lyrics resonate with me.

I hope you are doing well. *hugs*