Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Heron Clan

Last night I had dinner with the Heron Clan. It seems we live in the same town, only about 5 miles from each other. I will admit that I was nervous. I have read their blog for awhile, I have great respect for them, what they do and what they say. I was concerned that they might find me uninteresting, or we might not have much in common.

Friendships that I have usually happen gradually. I meet someone through work or school, we share common interests and we eventually begin to socialize. Of all of my friends that I have, only two know of my kinks. One of them is my best friend, we have known each other for 16 years, I have only become open with her in the past year. She has read my blog and has some kinks of her own, despite all of this, we rarely discuss it and never at great length. My other friend that knows, has known me for 35 years. I agonized about being out with him. He used to read a vanilla blog I had and inquired about where I blogged now. I gave him the link along with a disclaimer (and only because I know him to be very open minded and accepting). I think he might be a little amused, I know he is fine with it. Yet, we have never discussed what I have written or what he has read.

When I discovered that Swan and her family lived so close to me, I really wanted to meet them. After all, we were neighbors. I hoped we could be friends, but I felt a little like I was going to a job interview. My anxiety was totally unfounded. They are intelligent, funny, warm and gracious people. They made me feel welcome and comfortable. I was surprised and happy to find that we had even more in common than I expected. I had a lovely time, I certainly hope they felt the same way. It was refreshing to be open and honest about my relationship with J, but more importantly it was wonderful to share good food, good conversation, and good company.

Thank you, Swan, Tom, and T, for a fabulous evening.


swan said...

Alice --
We too had a wonderful time last evening. It was so great to have you here. We enjoyed the wide ranging conversation and just the ease of being together with you. We are delighted to have met you and hope that this beginning friendship will grow and blossom as we all move forward. We are thrilled to find someone with whom we can be together without pretense.

Thanks for being "brave enough" to take a chance on us. You were fabulous! We will look forward to our next opportunity to get together with you or with you and J in the near future.

Hugs, Tom, T, and swan

Paul said...

Alice, I envy you, in a nice way,
I started reading The Swan's Nest way back, I have a great deal of respect for that family.
I don't comment often, they are a pool of clear water in an often murky lake.
Being a Brit and a pensioner visiting them would be out of the question, even if they would have me.
Warm hugs,

swan said...

Paul, Dear Man -- we would most assuredly "have you!" We'd be thrilled if that were ever a possibility. Of all the friends the blogging experience has brought our way, you have been one of the most steadfast and consistent supporters of our little family. We know you are out here, even if you don't comment, and we are forever grateful for your presence in our lives.

hugs, swan

Alice said...


I cannot wait until our next get-together. Thank you all again.


They are indeed refreshing and worthy of your respect. I found each one of them to be delightful in their own right. It is no wonder that they have what it takes to navigate through their poly journey and make it work.

Let me also echo Swan's sentiments and say that you are truly a blessing here in blogland. If you would ever make it stateside, I would welcome you as well.

Greenwoman said...

Lucky you. I'd enjoy meeting all of you. It makes me happy when fellow bloggers get to have get together. Feels more village like yanno? *smiles*

Alice said...


I would love to meet you as well. Open invite if you are ever in Ohio.