Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Love Our Lurkers

Today is the third annual Love Our Lurkers Day, originated by Bonnie at My Bottom Smarts. This is an invitation to all of my readers to leave a comment and introduce yourselves. Let me know you were here, tell me what you like (or dislike) about the blog, leave your name and location or do so anonymously. Feel free to ask questions or just to say hi.

Your presence, as readers, enhances this blog. This is your day! I know you're out there. Come on, make my day!


Constance said...

I'm a new reader, following you here from my own blog, but wanted to say hello.

Mr.C. said...

Mr.C. Doesn't lurk! He strides across the page with a sense of purpose and no small amount of arrogance!

Greenwoman said...

Yay you joined in!! Kewl! *grins*

A.S.S. said...

Found your blog today thanks to Bonnie. Will be back.

Todd & Suzy

Spanky said...

Sign me up as a new reader too, thanks to Bonnie! I'll also be back!


Just found this blog today but I will be back to check it out again.


Bonnie said...

Hi Alice,

I'm delighted you were able to join us for our LOL day celebration. Enjoy!


swan said...

Just the Heron Clan folk not really delurking, but stepping up to wish you a happy LOL Day.

Hope you are well!

All the Best,

Dr. Ken said...

Hi, Alice!
I know what you're asking yourself--did he leave one comment or two?

Okay, that's enough of the Clint Eastwood bit..... :-)

Happy LOL Day!

Dr. Ken,
Spanking Minnesota

Alice said...

Thanks to all of you who left comments, both new and old. Thanks also to Bonnie who organized this whole thing. I found many new and wonderful blogs today.

My Bottom Smarts was the first blog I started reading. It opened the door for me in many ways. It was Bonnie that sparked my interest and gave me the courage to begin blogging. I originally thought it would be hard to share my life and my thoughts, it is not. It is affirming and has taught me so much. I continue learning from the blogging community and from my readers. Thank you all.