Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I think of you

I think of you as I stand in the shower, feeling your hands slip over my wet body, reaching for your cock and knowing how perfect it feels as my hand curls around it.
I think of you as I dress, longing to feel your marks and the tenderness as I pull my jeans over my ass.
I think of you as I prepare dinner, wishfully wanting to set the table for two.
I think of you as I drift off to sleep, imagining you next to me, feeling your skin touching mine. Remembering being half asleep, seeking your cock with my mouth, tasting you, sucking you, feeling your hand rest on my head.
I think of you as my hands slide down my body, I feel your fingers trace my wet folds and push inside of me.
I think of you as you occupy my dreams, immersing me in your presence, breaching my soul, inhabiting me.
I think of you, every minute of every day, I live within you.


selkie said...

poignant,lovely and beautifully expressed.... I know those feelings.

Alice said...

Thank you Selkie. J is a strong presence in my life, even when we are apart.