Monday, June 15, 2009

sacred iniquity

She was splayed upon the altar, waiting to be sacrificed to His desires. She was bound, not by rope, but by His ascendancy. He stood beside her, presiding over this rite of subjugation. They were surrounded by cloaked and hooded figures, faces hidden. The silent forms were observing the proceedings, waiting for their roles as subordinates to Him. The sanctuary loomed around them like a dark cavern, emphasizing her prostration and submission. The only light emanated from hundreds of candles, casting flickering reflections and dancing shadows over this mise en scene.

She shivered in her nakedness, not due to cold, but to exposure. No words were being spoken, she knew what was expected, her compliance and surrender were understood. Yet, she could hear the pounding of her heart and her breathing echoing in the void of other sounds. She was both the sacrificial lamb and the temple prostitute. Offering herself to fulfill and sate His dark desires, but also knowing her own lusts and inclinations fed Him and increased His appetites.

His hands reached out for her. Their gazes locked as He pinched, pulled and twisted her nipples. Her gasps and whimpers seemed as loud as screams, they filled the darkness. She felt her juices leak from her cunt and trickle down the cleft of her ass. Not breaking His stare from her eyes, He brought a strap down, hard, on her mound. A small scream escaped her lips, her legs involuntarily jerked together. He paused patiently, as she readjusted her position, once again open for His use. The strap came down again and again, her hips squirmed as she fought to be still. Her eyes squeezed shut as tears flowed down the sides of her face. She trembled in response to the assault on her most sensitive parts. Yet, her body betrayed her as the sting and the burn spread and ignited a flame. Her juices gushed and she found herself lying in a pool of her own arousal. Each stroke taking her closer to climax.

Feeling a hand close around her throat, her eyes jerked open. She was met by the site of His cock at her lips. Her mouth reached out and hungrily encompassed His shaft. She welcomed it, this familiar object of her worship. She began paying homage to His offering, sucking harder and deeper, filling herself with His presence, devoting herself to His pleasure. She was lost to her surroundings, focused only on Him. The sensation of many hands on her, exploring and probing, yanked her mind back to the present. She was surrounded by the men He had assembled here. Anonymous men, who were fondling and stroking her. Hands, pinching and grasping, fingers pushing inside of her. Her mind split and her confusion reigned. Her reactions wavered between the sensations that were propelling her towards her climax and the reality of the origin of those sensations. Any objections that she tried to voice, were muffled by His cock thrusting into her mouth. The base and primal side of her psyche won out. Her thoughts went blank, her muscles tensed, she arched off of the altar as the waves of her orgasm washed over her. Contractions pulsed through her entire body as her mouth was flooded with His seed. One by one, His tribe of attendants released onto her, their hot cum covering her breasts and her belly, consecrating her as the object of their lusts.

She was immersed in His dominance, floating in the acceptance He offered her. He was her purpose, her destiny. She was filled with veneration for Him, her surrender was inevitable. He completed her.


Louise said...

The last three lines say it all. Lovely piece!

Alice said...

Thank you Louise.