Friday, June 6, 2008

More than 2000!

Today my counter registered over 2000 views since I first started writing here in March. My thanks to all of you who come here to read. And to those of you who have linked to me and quoted me, helping others find me as well.

Writing is a wonderful outlet for me. It helps me think through things and it helps me grow. This blog has been a source of growth and affirmation for me. Both in writing about our experiences and my feelings and also through the comments and advice others offer to me. I feel I have gained many friends and mentors here.

I read many blogs too. Sometimes I leave comments and sometimes I just lurk around. So as Bonnie would say, I love my lurkers too. I do want to extend an invitation to my readers to leave me a comment. Even if it just to identify yourself or tell me where you are from. My stats show that I have readers all over the world, the internet makes us a global community. I also invite any of you to ask me any questions that you might have about me. I cannot promise that I will answer everything, I do want to maintain a certain air of mystery and anonymity, but I will share what I can.

Thanks again and happy reading!


David said...

Congratulations on your big two ohh ohh ohh.

Glad to have you among the writers, reader and commentors in this corner of the blogosphere.

Looking forward to the bigger five ohh ohh ohh.


Paul said...

Alice, 2000 is a respectable number,
you will find that you will do much better.
I enjoy your posts and your comments elsewhere.
While you continue to post I will continue to read.
Warm hugs,

Greenwoman said...

Hey that's just awesome! I remember each time I've had a new blog how much I enjoyed watching the counter. I still enjoy watching it, but I look for something different now. I enjoy seeing which posts are interesting readers the most. Doesn't mean I'll write more of those kinds of posts...They are usually the ones with links to youporn...but its fun to watch.

I discovered that wordpress has lots of factoids to share about the blog that's way more fun than the counter what words are used to find your blog on a Google search...Now that's fun. LOL! The latest that really makes me laugh is the grape seed orgasms. *shakes head*

Have fun with this Alice...always make it a joy for you and you'll still be here having fun years from now. Blessings!!

l said...

Guess I am one of your lurkers... *smiles* This IS a good moment to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog(s); they are beautifully written and I admire the way you write about yourself and reflect on what keeps you busy. Thank you! Louise

Alice said...

David, Paul, Shannee,
Thanks for your comments here. Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated. You all have helped me on my journey by making me think and giving me insight.

Thanks for reading and letting me know you are here. It is nice to know that you are following "Dog's House" as well.

((Hugs)) to all of you.