Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I am tired and restless, so exhausted I cannot sleep. I need Him, I need the comfort of His cock in my mouth. I need to feel Him close, my arms around Him, sucking hard at His cock. His hands stroking my hair, holding me close. Sucking hard, I draw comfort and solace from it. My mouth pulling at His cock, taking in sustenance from Him, nourishing my soul. Licking and lapping to quench my need for Him, pacifying my hunger for Him. Satisfying my compulsion, my addiction. Sating my hunger, consoling myself. Needing Him to take me, to fill me, to use me. Yearning to drink from His shaft, to accept all that He bestows on me. Greedily imbibing His nectar, feeding my surrender. I am His, His possession, His fucktoy, His pet.


Greenwoman said...

Hello Alice...

I so understand that yearning. *smiles*

Mickey said...

Lucky him.

Alice said...

I know you do. *smiles* Yet sometimes it is a good yearning indded.

Welcome and thank you.