Sunday, May 4, 2008


My time with Him last week has left me reflective. I am reflecting on Him and our relationship. I am also reflecting on my life. I have been posting a lot on my other blog about things, it is about time I post here about us.

Last week was a time of reconnection for us. It had been too long since we were physically together. Many things had happened in the interim, which had impacted our commitment to each other. Being with Him made me realize that I have never felt so dedicated and so right with someone. We had discussed so many things we wanted to explore, so many boundaries that we wanted to cross. The things we did, the reaches He took me to, were just perfect. He knows me so well, He knows what I need and what I am ready for.

My world was a wonderful place, from our first hug and kiss, til the moment I left. I was His happy little pet, just being with Him. He has started a new custom for us, each time we were in the elevator (whether we were alone or it was crowded) He pinched my nipples, hard. My knees weaken every time.

When I arrived Monday night and we went to the room, I undressed and presented myself to Him, just like the very first time we were together. I know I am accepted by Him, I know I am His, but this reinforces my submission and puts me in the right mindset. Then, He put me over His knees and spanked me, long and hard. He would stop to reach down and see how wet I was and to pinch and twist my nipples.

He let me kneel before Him and suck His cock. Having His cock in my mouth, combined with His hand in my hair and His hands around my throat, from time to time, left me soaking wet. I am obsessed with His cock, I love having it in my mouth every chance I get. Nothing else emphasizes to me exactly who I am as this does (and certainly not in such an in your face kind of way.) He told me to close my eyes and I thought He was putting the nipple clamps on, but instead it was sets of small diameter dowels rods (chopstick size) with tiny o-rings slid on each end. The closer to the middle the o-rings, the tighter the dowels. This made it very easy for Him to grab the dowel rods and twist them around. My nipples are very sensitive and are wired right to my cunt. I love when He plays with them, gently or very hard, the sensation electrifies my clit.

Then He directed me to lay back on the bed and masturbate so He could watch me, I was wet and ready and begging by the time I heard Him say, "Come for me pet." I exploded, I was floating, I felt drunk. He played with me some more, until finally, about 9:30, we went out for drinks and dinner.

I sat across from Him in a booth, at a neighborhood bar. I could still feel the heat from my ass. We had drinks and appetizers while He sat back in amusement and verbally directed me to another orgasm. Then He had me reach down my pants, to check how wet I was, and offer my fingers to Him, so He could check too. I had been watchful of the other patrons, I didn't think anyone had noticed. Then, A man who had been sitting behind Him, in view of me, walked by, looked at me, smiled knowingly and nodded. I averted my eyes, I'm sure I blushed, but I also was a little proud. When we walked back to the hotel, it was windy and cold, it didn't seem to really bother me too much though. Our night was just beginning...

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