Thursday, May 1, 2008


I have just returned from spending two days with Him. I am content and sated, for now. I am His, I belong to Him, He holds my heart and soul in His grip. I have been spanked, tied, clamped, whipped, caned, kissed, touched, fucked, bitten, and made to climax, more times than I could count. I did not want to leave, my heart ached as I drove home. Of course, so did my ass. I am grateful for the tenderness today, I take comfort in the bruises that I wear. The marks that He left on me make me fulfilled and wistful, at the same time. They serve as reminders of His hands on me, His control over me, His possession of me. They also remind me of what I am missing, now that we are apart again.

How grateful I am for the time we had together. Being able to serve Him and pleasure Him has made me a very content little pet. His attentions, both harsh and gentle, indulged and calmed my immediate needs. Each encounter we have leaves me changed. Each time I am shaped, molded by Him. I strive to offer Him abject humility and complete obedience, to respond without thought or hesitation. I desire to totally subjugate my body and will to Him. I want to still the internal dialogue, to only hear and respond to His voice, His instruction. I am getting there, His desires and fantasies have become mine.

Even as the marks He left fade, I still carry His marks on my mind. I long for the sting of His hand, the slap of His belt and the bite of the cane. More than ever, I need to serve Him, physically, sexually, mentally. I belong to Him.


oatmeal girl said...

hi... i just discovered your blog via David's A View from the Top, and after browsing around here and there, including back to your attempts at restoring your old blog, i recognize some of myself in you. and that piece on PMS and D/s could have been written by me - except that i would have added in perimenopause, which just makes the PMS worse.

so i'll be back.

Alice said...

Welcome to the blog. Thank you for your comments. I have added your link.