Sunday, May 11, 2008


We had talked about restraints before. Previously, He had cuffed my wrists behind me, while He flogged me. This time however, He surprised me. He had brought a bed restraint system. When we returned from dinner, He put wrist and ankle cuffs on me and attached them to the straps that were on the mattress. I love the sensation I get from being restrained. It enables me to let go, I can focus on what is being done to me and not have to worry about staying in position.

While I was restrained, He proceeded to provide me with an array of sensations. I am not sure I can even recall all of what He did to me and certainly not in any kind of order, I felt as if I were immersed in His Domination. I was totally His, He possessed me, He controlled me, He released me from myself. I do know that He whipped my clit and my breasts, I was soaking wet and extremely aroused. Every stroke He gave me brought me closer and charged my entire being. The pain and pleasure verged on becoming one sensation. They mixed together, washing over me. He touched me, rubbing my clit and dipping His fingers inside of me, He brought me to the edge and pushed me over.

While I was still riding the waves of my climax, He placed clothespins on my clit, labia, and breasts. After the initial bite of them closing on my flesh, the sensation turned to a nice buzzing pressure. I could feel the slick wetness dripping from my cunt. I could see His pleasure and amusement, as He played with the clothespins. Brushing His hand over them, clacking them together. He smiled as I pulled against the restraints. He toyed with me, putting more clothespins on my toes and my tongue. He teased me, talking about using all of them, covering me in clothespins. Then, He began removing them. With each one, I flinched and jerked from the burn of the blood rushing back, but I relaxed as it turned into a nice warm glow.

As I lay there, basking in the sensation, I saw Him reach into the desk drawer and get something out. I couldn't see what it was, He held it out of my sight. He walked back to the foot of the bed and as He leaned over my cunt, I heard a small buzzing sound. Then I felt something on my clit, it felt like an electrical charge, I thought I was being shocked. I pulled and struggled as He kept it up. He moved up to my breasts and I saw what He had as He applied it to my nipples. I was quite surprised to see an electric toothbrush. It felt like an electric current. It was an incredible sensation.

I love His control over me. I love the way He toys with me, using my body for His amusement and satisfaction. I love that He can make me orgasm, again and again, with His voice, with His touch, with my mind. He gives so much to me. My surrender to Him brings me pleasure, satisfaction, and freedom. He releases me from my mundane existence, from my carefully controlled persona and He allows me to be His pet, His slut, His whore. I want to be all things to Him. I want to step into whatever role He desires of me at the time. I love belonging to Him.


Paul said...

Alice, excellent post.
My wife liked to be restrained, nothing too severe, cuffs linke4d to the head and foot of the bed.
In the early days it helped me to discover that as far as I was concerned her whole body was an erogenous zone.
She was never restrained for her rare ponishments, it was a matter of pride that she held position no matter how severe.
I learned so much about her body when she was restrained, she was very good about telling me how she felt.
Alice to change the subject, I've just read The Declaration and Affirmation of My Submission.
I'm impresssed, it's very similar to my wife's document of submission penned 20th June 1961 the day before our marriage.
I don't know how long you have been together, I wish you joy in your submission and in His Dominance.
Warm hugs,

Rose said...

This was great. I love being restrained as well. His power over me at that time. It's so erotic. I've just started topping "R" now and then and your blog has given me some WONDERFUL ideas...thank you!!!!

Alice said...

As always thank you for your comments and kind words. Your obvious and eternal love for your wife is an inspiration. My submission to Him does bring me great joy. *hugs*

His dominance and power over me is quite erotic. Being restrained just enforces that for me. I am glad that you enjoyed the post and I must credit Him for any ideas that you obtained. *smiles*

Adrienne Parker said...

Hi Alice,

Nice to visit your blog. I've heard about toothbrushes before and keep meaning to give it a try. Thanks for the reminder. I'll be back!

Alice said...

Welcome Adrienne, I am honored to have you here. I always gain so much from your blog. I am glad to have you as a reader.