Wednesday, April 23, 2008

5 days

In five days I will be with Him, my needs will be met at that time. By the time we are together, it will have been seven days since my last orgasm. I know that is not a very long time, but in my current state of mind, it seems like an eternity. When He imposed the restrictions on me, He told me it was my decision to masturbate or not, I was just not allowed to cum. My initial reaction was that masturbation, without orgasm, would be too difficult. Last night I changed my mind.

When I went to bed, I ached inside. I was wet, I wanted to be touched. I knew I was not allowed to cum, but I figured I would just stop before that happened. I played with my nipples for a little bit, rolling them between my fingers. I could feel the wetness leaking out of my pussy and running down to my ass. I reached down and just began to slide my fingers through the slick juices that seeped out of me. I moved my fingers to my clit and started rubbing around it in little circles. I had only been touching myself for a few minutes, less than five, when I feel my muscles tense and tighten, preparing for my climax. I stopped immediately, but it was almost too late. I could sense an orgasm continuing to build. I tried to push it down in my mind, I pressed my legs together tightly, I clenched my muscles, I was panicked. I was lucky, I was able to barely suppress it. I lay there, tense and frustrated. I finally slept, because I was exhausted.

This morning, I got up late. I jumped in the shower, dressed and ran out the door. Work was busy, we were short staffed. I was occupied with my tasks, only occasionally did my thoughts turn to Him, before I knew it the day was half over. I went to lunch, stopping in the bathroom. I tugged my pants down and noticed it. The crotch of my panties was slick and wet. They were black, which only made it more apparent. I realized I was soaking wet. I was also horny and sensitive. I was tempted to touch myself right then and there, in the bathroom at work. The only thing that stopped me was remembering last night. I did not want to risk cumming, especially in a public bathroom at work.

I am still wet tonight, and very horny. I can feel a sensation between my legs when I move. I want to touch myself, but I am afraid to. I want to cum, to feel His hands on me, His cock inside of me, I need to fuck.

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