Tuesday, April 15, 2008

counting down

While my need for Him and His control is intensifying daily, the number of days until I am with Him is decreasing. I am counting down the days that separate us. Less than two weeks remain for me to wait, before I can physically give myself to Him. I am burning for His touch, to be able to touch and taste Him. His domination extends to my thoughts. My mind is consumed by thoughts of Him.

In the meantime, I wait for the treats He bestows on me. Chatting, hearing His voice, receiving His praise, His words sustain me, seduce me. Knowing He misses me, being reassured the need is reciprocal, deepens my need, my desire, my surrender. I want to please Him, to satisfy Him, to fulfill His fantasies. It is not enough to just surrender, my role is not passive. My duty, my obligation is to anticipate and meet His needs. Knowing this spurs me on to figure it out, to interpret His desires. I want to know, expand and define His fantasies. I aspire to be His Scheherazade, weaving a new tale of longing and intimacy each time we are together. Although, I am sincere and motivated in my attempts, I hope I do not appear inept or maladroit in my efforts. It is my mission to be His delight; seeing to His gratification, His amusement, and His diversion is my calling.

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