Saturday, April 19, 2008


I give to you my vulnerability, I am exposed.
You have given to me, myself.
An identity long misplaced.
You have freed me from the ghosts of my past.
You have exorcised the demons that held me in bondage.
I exchange the bondage of my past for the bondage of your domination.
You hold my mind and my soul in your hand.
Just as your strokes mark my skin, your thoughts mark my soul.
You reassure me and strengthen me.
Your desires and fantasies have become mine.
All that I have to offer is yours, you use what I give to illuminate the darkness.
I have no need to look elsewhere as you fulfill my needs.
You have touched my mind, my heart and my spirit.
Your presence has left marks on me that will remain forever.
I will always know to whom I belong.

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