Saturday, April 5, 2008

Over the Rainbow

Today's divas pale next to Sarah Vaughan.

Listening to her makes my heart soar. Additionally, I have always loved this song. It is all about dreams and hope. He touches me in the same way that this song does. He frees me from worries and constraints and allows my spirit to fly. He is more than the wizard, His effect on me is not done with smoke and mirrors. He frees me with knowledge, trust, and a kinship of our spirits. I have pondered on the circumstance of our connecting. I have oft regarded it as fate, but I have come to think of it as serendipity. Less fate and more dumb luck. Regardless of the force, or lack of, that precipitated our acquaintance, the connection that we have developed is profound.

He has opened my mind and allowed me to dare to dream. I have been exploring, connecting with another side of myself, a dark side, a wild side, an enlightened side. I have been delving into that innermost place within me, the place where those thoughts dwell. The ones that nice girls don't think. I have followed Him into the poppy field, on the way to the Emerald City, and the opiates have lulled me into a dream state. The resulting bliss lulls the nice girl within me to sleep, while my wanton side freely dreams. On my path down the yellow brick road, I have met the scarecrow, the lion, and the tinman. They have granted me knowledge, courage, and heart. And although, there may be no place like home; when I am with Him, that's where you'll find me, somewhere over the rainbow.

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