Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Yeah...I'm still dirty.

I love feeling like His dirty whore lately. Even the neediness and the insatiable ache I have been experiencing is pleasurable in some ways. It has been affirming my need for Him, it has put me in touch me with my slutty side. I am sure it will continue to build to a fever pitch by the time we are able to connect. I am also sure He will take advantage of it, teasing me to build the intensity, both in the interim and when we are together.

Lately, my extreme desire has opened another door for His dominance. My thoughts have become so sexual and my needs so intense, that He has been able to direct and command my orgasm over the phone. No touching, just His voice, telling me what will be done to me and what will be required of me. It is an amazing thing to feel my climax swell and overtake me from purely mental stimulation. As His control over me becomes more complete, I am left wondering what is in store for me. He has always been able to reduce me to a quivering, contented, sated, little pet. However, I think His current objective is to see what a wanton, shameless whore I can be.

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