Sunday, April 6, 2008

much of a muchness

"You know you say things are 'much of a muchness' - did you ever see a drawing of a muchness?" The Dormouse
Lewis Carroll ~ Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

What I Need

  • 4 more hours in every day
  • a car
  • a haircut
  • a cleaning service
  • a personal trainer
  • a winning lottery ticket
  • a new pair of gym shoes
  • a pedicure
  • to be able to tolerate my sister
  • a hard spanking
  • His hand on my throat while He makes me cum
  • marks on my tits and ass from caning and flogging
  • a good contractor - after the winning ticket
  • a session for my dogs with the Dog Whisperer
  • new jeans
  • a vacation in the sun
  • new printer cartridges
  • His cock in my mouth
  • a new washing machine
  • to be bound and well fucked
  • 2 days with Him soon - counting down on this one

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