Friday, August 1, 2008


Last month, my computer got hijacked. Either my son or I opened the door to an attack, while surfing the net. It was one of those nasty infiltrators that pops-up and tells you that your computer is infected (all the while knowing that it is the source of the infection). It slowly (actually not so slowly) took over my computer. It turned off my anti-virus software, turned off my automatic updates, and invited all of it's viral friends to a party on my computer. Eventually, it locked me out.

My oldest son is a computer tech. He came over and got me back into the system (twice in one week), but couldn't purge the nasty. So, I did what I always do in that case. I called Chip. He is my computer geek extraordinaire. We have known each other for about 35 years. He is great, he always comes to my rescue and treats me like a paying customer, even though he knows I am a leach. He got back to me almost right away, he picked my computer up a few days later and had it fixed by that evening. He has bailed my cyber-butt out more than once (or twice). When my hard drive crashed, he was able to locate and retrieve my files for school, as well as fix my computer.

I am probably never grateful enough. I probably don't tell him how great he is or how much I love him (and not just for fixing my computer). He is probably one of the nicest guys I know. His wife is a very lucky woman. I know, I am gushing. Yes, this is a shameless attempt to show him my gratitude. I hope he knows that I am sincere. I really try not to take advantage of him, but I know that I do. And yes, I am brazenly posting this on both blogs in order to make my point.

Thanks Chip, next time coffee is on me!


Paul said...

Alice, a good IT tech is a blessing and should be appreciated.
Warm hugs,

Alice said...

I do appreciate him and I hope he knows it. I also know that I do not say thank you enough when he bails me out of my technological blunders.