Thursday, August 7, 2008

My refuge

There is so much more to our relationship than D/s. We share a deep friendship and respect for each other. We understand each other. We share many vanilla interests. Maybe all of those things are necessary for a D/s relationship, I don't even know. I do know, that He is my friend, even ahead of being my Dominant. I believe that His friendship is timeless and notwithstanding His Domination or my submission. I do know that I could not submit to Him as deeply as I do, if I was not sure that He cared for and embraced me as my whole person. Throughout my day I think of Him and remember things I want to share with Him. I see and hear things that remind me of Him. I am stronger and more static, because of Him.

I do always feel submissive to Him. I feel safe and protected and valued by Him. I respect and admire Him more than He will ever know. I know He is not perfect, I know He is vulnerable to the same frustrations and annoyances as everyone is, but He is perfect for me. I love learning more of Him. His likes and dislikes, His background, things that shaped Him and made Him who He is. When we are apart, I miss Him. I miss His voice, His observations, His humor. I love the fact that I can be myself with Him, I can vent and rant, I can voice my opinions, I can make mistakes, I can be vulnerable. It is hard for me to be so open with anyone. I suppose I am afraid of being judged or hurt. I do not have to be afraid with Him.

I belong to Him. I need His possession of me. He told me tonight, that I am His refuge. What a perfect way to put it, He is absolutely a refuge for me. He is my shelter, my escape, my retreat. The whole me, not just the submissive me. Though, my submission to Him has become my whole. He is everything that I need, in all aspects of my being.

You and me - Plain White T's


Paul said...

Alice, spot on, this is exactly what is required in a good relationship of whatever nature.
The music expresses it fairly well.
Warm hugs,

Alice said...

Thank you, a D/s relationship is still a relationship at the core. Compatiblity and communication are still very essential. Why is it, we sometimes lose sight of that?

What we share and what we have developed is precious to me. He is precious to me. How blessed I am.