Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday's Question #48: Marks

Luna asked:
How do you feel about marks left from play? What are your favorite/least favorite marks?

I absolutely love the marks He leaves on me. I love having them as a reminder of the time we spent together. I have read some discussions on how to prevent and minimize bruising, I have never understood it. I would be more inclined to ask how to maximize bruising and keep them from fading so quickly. I like looking at them after He is gone, I like noticing bruises that I did not expect, I like feeling the tenderness when I move or sit. I always thought that I would like to be marked, but not too severely. Now, I fantasize about having welts and bruises and stripes. I do not desire to be cut or whipped til I bleed, but deep, well-pronounced bruises turn me on. I think that my desire for marks has increased my desire and tolerance for pain. Often, when we play, I wonder what type of marks will be left. I think about the type of marks different implements will leave. I am desiring a wooden paddle, because I think that it would leave more bruising. Besides having marks remind me of our play, I feel like they are His signature on me. Something He has put on me to show that I belong to Him. A physical reminder that He leaves on me to signify my surrender to Him. An outward reflection of the hold that He has on my mind.

I can't think of any marks that I would not like, other than ones I could not conceal for work. My favorites have been the first marks He left on me. The first time we played I bruised. In fact, though the play wasn't as severe, the bruising was more prominent than many times since. I also love the marks left by the cane, stripes and welts in a row or criss-crossed. The nicest surprises though, are His bite marks on me. I never expect them. When He bites me, I don't think about bruising. Then the next day, when I am dressing or showering I notice His bite marks on my breasts and the inside of my thighs. Nice round bruises that are quite dark and are very personal. I always smile when I discover them. His marks have a deep psychological impact on me, they are very satisfying to me. They reinforce the afterglow, the feeling of contentment that I get from being with Him.

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Paul said...

Alice, Mel liked her marks, every time she sat sensitive or got a twinge, it was a nice reminder.
She also like to play hard, fortunately our Doctor was kink friendly.
Warm hugs,

Greenwoman said...

Yanno, I never thought about whether my doctor is kink friendly. That's a good point. *grins*

I didn't like having marks from my husband early on in our relationship. It hasn't been until recent years that I have come to enjoy them as 'nice reminders'. Thanks for sharing your viewpoint!

Alice said...

The marks, those 'twinges' make me feel even more connected to him. I love belonging to him, I love his 'decorations' on my body.

Thanks Paul and Shannee.