Monday, August 25, 2008


For awhile now, we have discussed finding another woman to play with. At first it was just a nice fantasy to talk about, but it has become an increasing desire for me and we have begun to discuss the logistics. The process of looking, screening, and meeting is an intimidating idea to me. I know there are tons of personal sites, but I am not ready to advertise yet. I have begun to browse through ads though. I have looked at Craigslist a few times, but it is overwhelming. There are so many ads, most of them wanting to "hook-up" immediately, just one big meat market. Tonight, I was browsing and getting pretty disgusted. I was about to sign off when I looked at one more ad. It seemed to be open and honest, plus she was a bit older. I sent Him the link and responded to her. It should have raised a red flag in me when I got an immediate reply with a link to her "pics." I followed the link and found the link terminated for violating a TOS agreement. I am not sure if it had been spam or malware, but either way I felt a little foolish.

I know it was terribly naive of me not to consider the possibility of many of the ads being spam. I know that I will really have to be more careful and rethink the entire process. I do tend to be a worrier, my mind works overtime considering all the worst case scenarios. It is rather amazing that I not only found J, but agreed to meet Him. However, sending the message to her tonight (even if it was a stupid mistake on my part), was a first step. I realize that I have now taken action on my thoughts. I know that this is actually something I would be willing to do. No, something that I want to do. Originally, I wanted to do this for Him, but this fantasy has become more and more mine. I want this. It remains to be seen if it ever comes to pass. Any further action I take will be very careful and well though out. But this is one more limit I want to cross with Him.

PS. Candy, if you're out there send a message.


anni said...

hi..I came across your blog tonight. Your recent post especially about you, as a couple, seeking another female. My partner and I are doing the same. It has been so difficult. I think it's just really hard to meet decent, clean, educated people who have the same desires. We have very little luck. It's just that I want a small connection with whoever we bring into our bed but maybe I'm asking too much. So far...we haven't found anyone. Good luck to you. I will follow your blog to see if it happens for you.

Alice said...

I'm glad you found the blog. I welcome your comment, it is hard. I am not sure how to find that connection. It certainly is a risk. I looked at your blog, I felt many of your sentiments echo my own. I will keep reading.

I am not sure if or when this will happen for us. I do believe that it will work out...if it is meant to be.

anni said...

I want it to work but honestly sometimes it's very scary for me, too.